About Victoria

Victoria Poveda, also known as Victoria Nell, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Spain. She creates visual artworks on different media that express her way of understanding the world around her. 

Nature and life fuels her creative motivation the most for creating and 

she shows how complex and beautiful our world is, even though it can feel uncomfortable sometimes.


As a diverse artist, she is very comfortable with working with different styles and techniques in order to recreate specific styles and atmospheres through visual art. 


As a multi-disciplinary visual artist, Victoria works with individuals and design studios all over the world providing professional custom artwork. Most often the commissioning client has an idea of a specific type of art piece they would like to have, a colour palette, size specification or other special features and Victoria takes on the task of bringing these ideas to life. These pieces include all kinds of techniques and media, as well as wallpapers or murals in situ.

Victoria Poveda Studio