How to order a portrait?

Within the "Custom Portrait" section, you will discover all the available options for me to craft your personalized pen portrait. Once you've chosen the size and quantity of people, the price of your portrait will be displayed, excluding shipping. What's included in this price? The portrait of the number of people you've selected from a photograph. However, backgrounds or pets are not included. If this applies to you, please reach out so I can provide an accurate quote. When you're ready, click the "Place Order" button, and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal to start the process.


What is the process of creating the portraits like?

Once the order has been placed, I will begin the creation process.

The first step involves selecting the reference photograph upon which the portrait will be based.

After we have agreed on the reference, I will promptly create a digital composition to demonstrate the proportion of the drawing in relation to the paper size. I will provide one or two options for your consideration, allowing you to choose the one that best aligns with your vision.

Next, to ensure the presence and the closest resemblance to the person portrayed, I will utilize a light table to sketch the main lines of the portrait in pencil on the paper.

Upon completion of the portrait, I will contact you again to share several photos for your approval before proceeding with shipping.



The price for each ballpoint pen portrait will be displayed when you select the size, the number of people, and the style (blue, black, or colors) you prefer for your specific portrait.

This price will be final as long as the initial requirements remain unchanged throughout the process. However, if you wish to add or change any elements after the portrait has commenced, we can discuss it further. If the modification is feasible, a new quote will be provided accordingly.


Quality of reference photographs

The quality of the portrait depends directly on the quality of the reference photographs. Since I depend on photographs to depict the features of your loved ones, they should convey as much detail as possible. It is recommended to provide a minimum of 4 photographs of each person portrayed so that I can accurately capture their presence. If the reference images are of poor quality, my ability to capture their features will be compromised, thus directly impacting the quality of the portrait.



The available sizes for each portrait style are listed on their respective pages. If you desire a different size, kindly get in touch with me so that I can furnish you with a personalised quote.


Compositions of multiple photographs

Creating a composition from several different photographs is a highly intricate and meticulous process. For it to yield a satisfactory result and appear natural, these photographs must share certain common characteristics: consistent lighting, poses, perspectives, and more. All these factors are pivotal for its successful execution. If you wish to create a portrait by merging different photographs, it's important to note that it may not appear as natural as if the photo had been taken in that manner originally. Hence, this is a matter you can discuss with me, allowing me to evaluate its feasibility.



I currently offer shipping both domestically and internationally. Upon completing the custom portrait ordering process, you have the option to select from the following shipping choices:

  • Domestic shipments (Correos - Certified letter) - €7.5 (1-3 business days).
  • Urgent domestic shipments (Correos - Urgent certified letter) - €10.50 (24-48 hours).
  • International shipments (Certified letter) - €14.50 (cost may vary depending on the destination country).

All portraits are carefully packaged inside a sturdy cardboard tube to provide protection during transit.

Should you encounter any issues with your shipment, please don't hesitate to contact me at victorianellhandmade@gmail.com. I will make every effort to liaise with the shipping company to resolve any problems.


Changes and returns

As this is a personalised work of art crafted specifically for an individual, alterations or returns are not feasible.


Photographs sent for a quote request

These photographs will solely be utilized to generate a personalized quote as accurately as possible. They will not be used for any other purposes.


Publication of the portrait

After finalising your portrait, I might find it suitable for display on this website and on Instagram (@victoriapovedastudio). If so, I will inform you, allowing you to decide whether you approve of the idea or not. Your decision will always be respected.

Victoria Poveda Studio